Our Story

Being a lover of all things feminine and lovely, my two sweet girlies have never know what it was like to not have a cute headband or bow attached to their heads. Unless, that is, that they were with their Daddy, who cares deeply for them, and found most bows unfit for his babies because they weren't soft enough. Until one day, I returned, after an errand to to find the same bow I left on my little one, still upon her head. When I asked my husband about this peculiarity, he said, "Well, this bow is soft and it doesn't bother her." I thought I had just stumbled on a gold mine...a headband that passed my husbands stringent guidelines for comfort, that he would leave put, and not remove as soon as I left the room. I started to gather more colors and I began making my four year old and one year old matching bows, and I found that unlike most other headbands I had used in the past, these headbands actually stayed put and held their hair in place.  A few weeks after I had begun making my girls matching sister bows, my husband was cheerfully adamant that other people would love these bows as much as he and our little ones did. He insisted I shouldn't keep them to myself, but should make them for others to enjoy as well. After much encouragement, support, love and affirmation from my husband and many dear friends, I decided to move forward with making these bows for other little babettes, who might also be in need of a sweetly soft bow. It is my sincerest hope that you and your little babette love your bows as much as our little family has.